Suspect Mix and Mega Suspect #6 : Jolteon

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Incredible post totally agree. ( that was sarcastic because I want dnb jolteon)
My opinion
I will explain my opinion.
First of all let's talk about red orb, red orb replaces the second type of its user yes gives him one, the fact that it gives the fire type + you can't be hit by water is already a very good one asset, then, let's start at the beginning, the first red orb appeared, it's from icemaster who plays zapdos red orb at the seasonal, this same zapdos which quickly becomes unmanageable due to its very good double stab coupled with weather ball and being able to rotate , there we can already see counters like closdire hippo, and other… , it is that after or qt and axzel brings back jolteons which are unmanageable at the beginning, even if like zapdos with time we see counters that even you mention: dragonite, roaring moon, arceus ground (soft check with very bulky spread in spd), gastrodon, garganal, hippo, closdire, while at enamorus it is all the opposite everything that is mentioned here is destroyed by enamorus, grass knot for gastrodon and garganal , and moonblast + weather ball hits everyone behind, in the last move we hesitate between earth power or psychic, but earth power seems much better in general and there as a counter, I see ceruledge coming at the right time by playing 50/50 is that whether I mega or not am I coming on weather ball or not etc... I saw you play toxapex against me redflix I think you imagine that against but on toxapex you must surely play it a lot of def, otherwise that seems a little useless to me still there enam but 30-40% damage to your toxapex, and if you want to heal you automatically lose regnerator, and this generation only eight pp of healing which is not much, and in the case where you come on an earth power I don't think that even after mega you hold the weather ball which follows, so well you will be forced to sack a pokemon, and even if your opponent plays psychic you can do absolutely nothing, and basically I I thought about enamorus for my prep against you redflix but I can't build around it despite ten different teams, I was very disappointed that my first call was the right one, that's why I think that enamorus is much stronger than jolteon knowing only 135 spa at enam and 115 at jolteon
(it was a response on the discord om, that's why I address redflix when I talk about our game)
I don't understand why you're DNB then. We both agree its stupid, and Jolteon is only broken from Red Orb. Yet you want it DNB? I'm really confused here, if Red Orb goes then Jolteon is automatically freed while if its not then there's no longer a broken mon around in Jolteon. You're literally in WC MnM slot, you know how much of a pain in the ass answering it is because you've got/had 3 teams to make to cover that + the other broken Red Orb mons. Not to mention suspect tests are specifically in mind of one Pokemon, not multiple. Enamorus should've been restricted first, yes, but Jolteon is still hilariously constricting on the builder and I don't see this changing with or without Enamorus. As for the other counters you listed, they're MUCH worse in practice tbqh and are easy to burn down with VoltTurn + WBall + CM and its not even funny, especially how easily they fold to the likely Barraskewda or similar in the back.
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very surprised to see such a split vote in this suspect test honestly cuz I expected it to be a landslide on ban votes. Looking at the thread, I've not seen a single good argument alongside a do not ban vote.

Yes, I'm aware ladder is not the best place to judge since om ladders tend to be relatively off meta and easy but even then , problems highlighted in the OP should give people a better picture to base their vote on. Vague explanations like "easy to wall" are straight up false when it's being pointed out that we have to resort to very niche defensive mons to even stop jolteon.

Then we have the argument of somehow acknowledging that jolteon is restrictive but "enam more broken" so dnb jolt which is even more frustrating for me to see.

Finally, we come to red orb. Yes, it could be a further action but rn it's cleat red orb has two very strong abusers and the rest may not be on the same level. If they do, down the lane, prove to be equally restrictive then we can talk but that is no reason to not improve the tier by not banning the abuser in question.

All in all, jolt is bad for the meta. This whole omwc, people (including me) have overprepped for it ( and enam) thereby sacrificing the consistency of the teams. I hate building for the current meta than anything else and I think getting rid of jolt ( and enam) would be a step in the right direction
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